Dami Living

Dami Living is the newest addition to B Living. It is a brand characterized by trendy, stylish and durable furniture and home accessories. Dami Living was founded in 1972, after which it passed from father to sons. For decades, the company was a trusted link between customer and retailer. B Living looks forward to maintaining that and continuing to grow the brand.

Maybe you already know the brand, you may have come across them by chance on the Internet, in a magazine like VT Wonen or on the RTL talk shows. Both Humberto and Jinek already used Dami Living chairs at the infamous table. Trendy details like teddy fabrics, gold frames and colorful fabric: Dami Living is the right choice.

Dami Living began selling household items in 2014, now you can put together your entire interior with Dami Living's products. The range includes products from kitchenware to sofas and from table lamps to plaids. The quality is always leading, the low price the additional surprise.